* Plasticized PVC is used in flooring or (PVC-U) unplasticized PVC is used in making window frames.

* It is used in making sewage pipes and other pipe applications where cost or vulnerability to corrosion limit the use of metal.

* Used in construction fields for insulation on electrical wires or in flooring for hospitals, schools, homes, and other areas where a sterile environment is a priority.

* It is used in various industries like building, electronics, electrical, automotive, medical and packaging.

* PVC fabric is used in the manufacture of aprons shower curtains, raincoats, jackets and sports bags.

* It is used in the garden hose and imitation leather upholstery.


When the world chases highly durable, sturdy and yet economically affordable materials here is one of the strong synthetic plastics polymers known as Polyvinyl Chloride abbreviated as (PVC). PVC is the third most commonly used material in the world. It is extensively used in the construction field for its wide range of applications.

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